What Happens During a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Posted by Dr. Edward D. Dallam, DDS Mar 06, 2023

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Dental cleanings are an important part of your dental care routine. Professional teeth cleanings remove harmful plaque and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

What Can Happen During a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Professional teeth cleaning can ultimately do a lot for you, but it primarily focuses on removing plaque and tartar, and even stains in order to leave your teeth feeling smooth and looking whiter. The cleaning also involves polishing the enamel so that it feels smooth to the touch. While many people think that a professional teeth cleaning is interchangeable with a regular at-home regimen, this is simply not true. At the dental office, we are able to thoroughly clean each tooth individually using tools that are designed specifically for this purpose. An at-home routine typically does not accomplish the same goals as professional cleaning. However, it is important to continue regular brushing and flossing at home as well as a professional cleaning at the dentist’s office. Your bi-annual visit to the dentist is an important part of maintaining your oral health and preventing more serious issues from occurring later on.

During the appointment, our dentist will focus on eliminating any bacteria and plaque buildup that may have occurred since your last visit. Then, they will use special instruments to polish the enamel of your teeth. Finally, they will send you on your way with a renewed sense of confidence in the appearance of your smile!

What is Done During a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Your dentist will first talk to you about your dental hygiene routine at home and then ask you about any symptoms or problems you may be experiencing with your teeth. Then, a thorough examination of your mouth will be done. This examination will include checking your teeth and gums for any signs of infection or other issues. The dentist will use a tiny mirror and light to check the back of your mouth and under your tongue to make sure there is no swelling or redness that could indicate an infection. X-rays may also be taken to provide a more detailed look at your teeth and jawbones.

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