Patient Testimonials

At Edward D. Dallam, DDS, there is nothing we love more than our patients leaving with beautiful new smiles! Want to know what to expect when you visit our dentist for your dental care in Prairie Village, Kansas? Our patients say it best! Read through the patient testimonials below or call our office at 913-649-0310 to learn more and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Edward Dallam.


“I was in terrible pain when meeting Dr Dallam the first time. 3-4 days after getting the orthotic device my jaw started to improve and within 2
weeks my jaw opened all the way. The pain in my jaw bones along the jawline and around the ears and temple are completely gone. Wearing the device during the day helped me realize I was clenching and tapping my teeth and not just at night. It’s been 2 months since I got the device and I am extremely pleased with the results. This is the first time I’ve met with a TMJ specialist – so happy to know this practice exists. — Suzanne”


“The results are so amazing. I was in so much pain, and the headaches were so horrible. Now the pain is gone and I feel so much better. So much relief. — Vickie F”


“In February at my initial visit I was in miserable pain. Two months later headaches have lessened to 85% — Kathy K”


“My jaw has been a constant source of agony for me since I became an adult. Since getting my Orthotic I no longer clench, grind or snore and the pain has largely gone away. — Glenn S”


“When I first came in I had severe jaw pain. I wasn’t sleeping at night and it hurt to chew. I also had a lot of discomfort. Now I am feeling much better, sleeping and eating better. — Connie S”